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What is a Safety Cutter?

Safety Cutters are hand tools that safely cut cardboard, drywall, insulation and other materials. A safety cutter is a type of Utility Knife specially designed with safety in mind. The best safety cutters have integrated safety and quality of life features that make using it a seamless experience.

How is a Safety Cutter different from a Box Cutter?

A safety cutter is a type of box cutter that has been outfitted with the latest and greatest features to keep you safe. Industrial safety cutters like the S5 Safety Cutter are well suited to cutting a variety of materials, not just cardboard! Be sure that your safety cutter has a robust handle designed for durability, safety, and convenience.

A box cutter is a barebones, utilitarian cutter that generally houses a razor blade. A box cutter can cost as low as $0.55 per box cutter with replacement blades costing even less. Although significantly less than a safety cutter, they lack safety features that benefit the end user.

For one, a safety cutter like the S5 is three tools in one: a safety cutter, film cutter, and tape splitter. You wont find features like that on a simple box cutter! Safety Cutters also have multiple blade lengths, locking mechanisms, and integrated blade storage.

What is the safest safety cutter?

It might seem odd to ask because aren’t all safety cutters safe? Yes! But there are differences in safety cutters that give you options. An S8 safety cutter features an ambidextrous grip making it easy for warehouse managers to stock and supply to workers. At we believe the safest safety cutters are produced by Pacific Handy Cutter and Slice.

The Pacific Handy Cutter Quickblade QBS-20 features a robust design with an auto-retracting blade to prevent injuries. It’s metal design gives weight to the hand, making cutting heavy materials painless. And, it lasts a lifetime.