Safety Cutters: Steel vs. Ceramic Blades

Summary – Ceramic blades are 10x sharper than steel and are safer to operate with Slice’s patented finger-friendly® design. Household and industrial use cases benefit from increases safety and reduced costs from ceramic blades. Many still prefer steel blades for its reliability in industrial applications. The Benefits of Ceramic Blades on Safety Cutters Ceramic blades are […]

The Productive 204 Year History of Cardboard Boxes

Amazon shipped over 50 million items on Cyber Monday. On 11.11.2020, Alibiba shipped over 2.8 billion parcels. That’s a ton of boxes. The cardboard box was invented in 1817 by M.Treverton & Son Co. and today we produce four hundred billion square feet of cardboard each year. What is the history of cardboard boxes? Paperboard […]

How Does USPS Mail Travel? 3 Step Process

How does mail travel? Everyone has seen mail delivery vehicles from USPS, UPS, and Fed-Ex moving mail around or delivering it to your residence. However, what happens behind the scenes to get your mail to you as efficiently and effectively as possible? There are hundreds of systems and tens of thousands of people working in […]