How to Properly Use Slice Box Cutters

Summary – Slice safety cutters can cut a wide range of industrial materials: cardboard boxes, plastic banding, pallet wrap, fiberglass insulation, foam, roof membrane, drywall, ceiling tile, rubber matting, ceramic fiber, PVC, corrugated plastic, painters tape, window screening, and much more.

Ensure you are using them correctly to get the most benefit from your Slice cutters.

For instance, the Slice 10503 Box Cutter is most effective when the cutter is flush against the cutting surface.

What can you cut with Slice?

Slice safety cutters can reliably perform across a wide range of industrial materials. From bare cardboard to more rugged corrugated plastic, ceramic blades quickly and safely cut through.

Look at Slice cutters in action here, along with demonstrations from various Slice products. If you are more interested in cutting craft materials such as painting tape and copper wire, then view the demos here.

You may be surprised to find the Slice 00200 Safety Cutter is a workhorse and can cut through the same materials there more rugged box cutters can. This mini safety cutter packs a punch! Watch it easily cut through corrugated plastic packaging.

Conclusion –

Slice cutters are all designed with ceramic blades that can cut a variety of materials. To get the ideal cutting angle, ensure you use the right tool for the job.

Regardless of your specific application, a ceramic blade will outperform many steel blades in comparable settings.

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