Can Ceramic Blades Cut Plastic?

Using ceramic blades to cut plastic comes with both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, the sharpness of ceramic blades allows for precise cuts…

What is a safety cutter used for?

Unlock the power of a safety cutter! Whether you’re an avid DIY enthusiast or a professional, this tool provides a safe way to open boxes and more.

A Comprehensive Guide to Utility Knife Blades

Discover the various types of utility knife blades available on the market, their unique characteristics, and the best applications for each type in this comprehensive guide.

Why You Should Invest in a Ceramic Safety Knife for Maximum Protection

Safety is always the priority when cutting anything with a sharp object. Whether you’re doing arts and crafts, slicing open boxes, or working with electrical components at risk of sparking, a ceramic safety knife is an essential tool to have on hand. Ceramic safety knives are specifically designed to reduce injury. This blog post will […]

How to Properly Use Slice Box Cutters

Summary – Slice safety cutters can cut a wide range of industrial materials: cardboard boxes, plastic banding, pallet wrap, fiberglass insulation, foam, roof membrane, drywall, ceiling tile, rubber matting, ceramic fiber, PVC, corrugated plastic, painters tape, window screening, and much more. Ensure you are using them correctly to get the most benefit from your Slice […]

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