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Slice Safety Cutter

Slice’s ceramic blade safety cutters are precision-engineered to redefine your cutting experience; with their ergonomic design and non-slip finish, these tools offer a controlled and comfortable grip, ensuring maximum safety without sacrificing cutting efficiency.

Experience cutting-edge innovation with our selection of Slice Ceramic Blades and Cutters, the ultimate choice for professionals seeking a perfect blend of safety and precision.

At, we offer an extensive range of Slice’s ergonomic and durable safety knives and replacement blades, each designed to minimize accidents without compromising on cutting performance.

Engineered with durable materials, Slice blades maintain their sharpness up to 10 times longer than their metal counterparts, reducing the frequency of blade changes while delivering consistently clean cuts.

From the easy-to-handle box cutters to the versatile utility knives, each product features a finger-friendly® edge, crafted to cut materials effectively yet safely reduce the risk of laceration injuries.

Ideal for various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and office environments, our Slice collection is the smart choice for businesses that prioritize workplace safety and efficiency.

Browse through our category to find the cutting solution that meets your needs, and rest assured that with Slice, you’re choosing the best in quality and innovation.