S5 Safety Cutter Review

Pacific Handy Cutter S5 Safety Cutter – In Depth Review

The S5 Safety Cutter by Pacific Handy Cutter is the follow-up to the best selling safety cutter ever sold. We rated this 3-in-1 cutter to be the best utility knife after testing dozens of knives. If you need an in-depth review of this safety cutter, keep reading for our detailed s5 safety cutter review.

 If you’ve ever had to struggle cutting upon a box then you’ll appreciate having the best cutter you can. Pacific Handy Cutter are experts and this innovative cutting tool is proof. This 3 in 1 tool is more than meets the eye and is packed with handy safety features without sacrificing its essential box cutting function.

S5R Safety Cutter
S5R Safety Cutter Features
S5 Safety Cutter with Holster and Lanyard

The S5 3-in-1 Safety Cutter Utility Knife was designed by Pacific Handy Cutter, a United States based company founded on the principles of safety, efficiency, and effective cutting. After discovering costly razor blade injuries, Pacific Handy Cutter sought to solve this problem at the source with safety features that prevent accidents. Here are some of the S5 Safety Cutter’s key features:

  • Tool-Free Blade Change – Pacific Handy Cutter’s patented blade change doesn’t require any fancy tools and can be done within a minute.
  • Sturdy Steel Guard – The sturdy steel guard allows for precise cutting and protects your valuable hands from laceration injuries and other cuts and abrasions.
  • Three Blade Depth Positions – The retractable blade can be locked into three blade depth positions for whatever your job requires. That cardboard box you’re working with will get cut every time.
  • Integrated Film Cutter – The S5 Safety Cutter 3 in 1 cutter includes an integrated film cutter to safely cut shrink wrap and other film.
  • Heavy Duty Tape Splitter – The S5’s tape splitting features will save you from switching tools and keep your blade sharp for when you need it most.
  • Replaceable Blade -The S5 Safety Cutter uses Pacific Handy Cutter SP 017 safety point blades and standard utility knife blades. PHC 017 safety blades are honed to a precise thickness for maximum cutting efficiency and are made in the USA for consistent quality you can depend on.
  • Integrated Blade Storage – Stow away 5 extra 017 safety point blades for when you need them most and get back to work without a moments hesitation. No tools are needed to access the integrated blade storage.

S5 Safety Cutter – Best Utility Knife

Verified Customer Reviews

Great Knife, Love it!!!

-Lexie, United States (March 30, 2020)

How do you change the blade of the S5 Safety Cutter?

Great question! The S5 Safety Cutter has easy, frustration-free, tool-free blade change. Whether you purchased an S5R or S5L the instructions for replacing the blade are identical. To get started follow the instructions below:

  1. Slide the blade to its longest cutting position
  2. Press the button to release the blade
  3. Remove the blade from its position

After removing the blade, take a standard utility knife blade or a PHC SP 017 blade out from the integrated blade storage and slide it into place. If you are a visual learner then look at the video below to see the 15 second process in high definition. 


What replacement blades does the s5 safety cutter use?

The S5 safety cutter uses standard utility knife blades but was designed to work perfectly with Pacific Handy Cutter SP 017 safety point blades. Pacific Handy Cutter manufactures their 017 stainless steel blades to benefit the end user. Unlike other companies, Pacific Handy Cutter manufacturers their replacement blades in the United States for consistent quality.

Pacific Handy Cutter SP017 safety point blades last up to 3x longer than conventional razor blades due to their precision honed thickness. Safety point blades also reduce injury, puncture wounds, and damaged products. Try an 017 safety point blade and see it for yourself. The s5 safety cutter comes with one blade installed so you are ready to go when you receive your shipment.

The blade on the heavy duty tape splitter is not replaceable but should last (that’s why they call it heavy duty). Splitting tape does not dull the blade excessively. To keep the blade lasting as long as it should ensure that it does not come into contact with any rough surfaces like concrete. Ensure the film cutter is only used for safely cutting shrink wrap and other plastic film because other materials like plastic straps dull the blade.

How does the bladeless tape splitting work?

The s5 metal fixed guard doubles as a heavy duty tape splitter and easily cuts through standard box tape with ease. The fixed steel guard allows even a new-hire to be trained in safely cutting open merchandise without damaging products. Pacific Handy Cutter excels in creating products that protect the user and your company’s merchandise.

The fixed steel safety guard allows your worker to be an expert cutter instantly who is able to cut clean, straight lines. Both shallow and deep cuts are possible with the s5 as the metal fixed guard doesn’t get in the way of the job at hand.

The s5’s blade locks in place when not in use so you wont accidentally injure yourself and when in use can be swapped between 3 blade depth positions. The s5 retractable utility knife doesn’t just excel at opening boxes with its fixed metal guard but also beats other cutters by excelling at cutting unique angles. Simply slide the blade to its depth it requires, set it to a locked position and let the cutter do the rest of the work for you.

S5 Safety Cutter with Holster and Lanyard

Never Lose Your Knife Again!


I had got the S4 before and am glad I upgraded. The S5 is much better and the holster clips onto my belt nicely. No way I’m going to lose this thing.



What accessories does the S5 safety cutter have?

The s5 safety cutter has optional accessories that make the best utility knife even better. Pacific Handy Cutter CL-36 coil lanyard allows the knife to be attached to a belt loop or keychain so it never gets lost. We understand the the best knife has a tendency to grow legs and walk off at work, and thankfully the coil lanyard can prevent that.

The lanyard may also attach to the Pacific Handy Cutter UKH423 holster which easily clips onto belts, pants, pockets and anywhere else you see fit. The holster is made from ABS plastic so you can throw it across the warehouse without issue.

Please try our S5 Safety Cutter Bundle that includes the s5 3 in 1 tool, holster, and lanyard for a low price.

Where can I buy an S5 safety cutter?

At SafetyCutters.net you can purchase an s5 safety cutter 3 in 1 utility knife from an authorized dealer who buys directly from the factory and passes those savings onto you. You may also read real customer reviews and left handed users may rejoice because both right and left handed variations cost the same price. Right handed users may have noticed that other marketplaces charge them extra but not at SafetyCutters.net – 98% of orders ship the same or next business day.