Box Cutter Breaking Bad

What Box Cutter is Featured in Breaking Bad?

The box cutter model used in the “Box Cutter” episode is the RSG-383 Utility Knife by Pacific Handy Cutter

The production staff chose this neon green knife because it would be obvious against the red suits and flooring. The cutter is foreshadowed earlier in the show.

The green box cutter featured in Breaking Bad is made from high-quality die-cast metal and has a non-slip grip with an ergonomic handle. Other green safety cutters include the S4 Cutter by Pacific Handy Cutter and several Slice varieties.

Green Safety Cutter Utility Knives

Green utility knives come in auto-retractable spring-back and manually retracting versions. Most cutters come with a single blade, with replacement blades offered in packs of 4 or 10, depending on the type. Snap-off knives may also be found with green handles.

To stay true to Breaking Bad, we recommend the neon green standard safety cutter by Pacific Handy Cutter. Its rugged metal body will last a lifetime.

Where can you buy green utility knives? is your trusted source for green utility knives and safety cutters from brands like Pacific Handy Cutter, Sheffield, and Slice. We have a wide selection of specialty knives for breaking down cardboard, and pallets, opening plastic packaging, and for ordinary household use.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Our sales and support team has decades of experience and we want to get you the safety cutter you need.

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