Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter – In Depth Review

The Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter is the ideal small form factor safety cutter for those that value convenience. The ceramic blade screams SAFETY FIRST and wont damage yourself or your valuable goods. If you need a deep dive into this mini box cutter, then keep reading for the detailed review below. 



Slice 10514 Features

Finger-Friendly Ceramic Blade, Lightweight Design,

Built-In Magnet, Auto-Retracting Slider, Easy Blade Change

Compatible with Slice 10404 and Slice 10408 Replacement Blades

The Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter is the ideal mini cutter and can be used as a pocket knife for household tasks that don’t require precision. Opening cardboard, cutting through plastic packaging, and even rubber hoses is not a problem with the durable, non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic blade.

The convenient design of this mini box cutter goes well beyond its size. It includes an integrated magnet for stowing on a fridge, along with a tool-free blade change and the auto-retracting blade which keeps your safe. Slice’s patented blade are safer than traditional blade, never rust, and are oil and lubricant free. Plus, they are 100% recyclable. 

Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter

Extremely Hard Ceramic Blade Pairs with a Convenient, Pocket-Sized Design


Perfect pocket sized companion!!!! How many boxes can I open with this? The blade seems to last forever

Ginger H. – Nov 19, 2021


How do you change the blade on the Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter?

The Slice 10514 mini box cutter has a convenient tool-free blade change procedure. It takes no more than few minutes to replace the blade using the following instructions:

First, make sure that the blade is fully retracted. This will be the default state with your 10514 Auto-Retractable Mini Cutter.

Flip your box cutter over and look for the lock/unlock icons on the end of the tool. Slide the color-coded locking mechanism to the unlocked position. Separate the two halves by gently pulling them apart with your fingers.

You’ll now see the blade resting in the slider cavity. Note that the blade has two usable cutting ends. Flip the blade around so that the previously unused end is now in position to be exposed when the slider is engaged. This gives you twice as much use from a single blade, making Slice tools an economical choice. 

Now take the top and slide it back onto the housing. You’ll hear it snap into place when it’s properly seated. Lastly, slide the locking mechanism from the unlocked to the locked position. Now your Mini Cutter is ready for action!

What replacement blades does the Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter use?

The Slice 10514 mini box cutter is compatible with Slice 10404 and Slice 10408 replacement blades. Because Slice products are unique, no other replacement blades can fit this mini box cutter. 

Slice cutters use a ceramic blade (Zirconium Oxide) that is harder, sharper, and more durable than stainless steel blades. The trade-off is a higher upfront cost for a blade that lasts longer. 

Ceramic blades reduce injury and reduce damage to merchandise. If you’ve never tried a ceramic blade cutter before then this is a good start because of its convenient size and portability. 

Slice Replacement Blades

Slice 10404 Replacement Blade


Slice 10404 Replacement Blades

Compatible with Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter


5 Stars

Parker – Nov 6, 2021

Where can I buy a Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter?

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