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The Best Travel Safety Cutter – Slice 00200

The Slice 00200 Mini Safety Cutter is one of the most popular Slice safety cutters for household use, but also finds use in industrial settings due to its convenient size and extra strong, rugged ceramic blade. 

Its convenient size makes it ideal for travelers needing to keep a small, highly functional cutter in their luggage or carry-on.


Slice 00200 Features

Finger-Friendly Ceramic Blade, Lightweight and Compact Design,

Built-In Magnet, Key Ring Hole, Non-Slip Finish

The Slice 00200 Mini Safety Cutter is an exceptional pocket-sized cutter for general and household tasks. The key ring hole allows it to easily be stored on your keychain and its there when you need it. Even cutting through rugged plastic packaging is easy with the extra strong ceramic blade that excels at cutting a variety of materials while keeping your fingers safe.

Lightweight and compact, you wont find a smaller safety cutter that can do everything the Slice 00200 Mini Safety Cutter can do.

Slice 00200 Mini Safety Cutter

Convenient, Pocket-Sized Design with Finger-Friendly Ceramic Blade


Alright so I keep this in my pocket at work and when working around the house and its incredibly helpful. The blade can basically cut through everything I throw at it.

Earl – Nov 23, 2021


Does the Slice 00200 Cut Through Cardboard?

The micro-ceramic blade of the Slice 02000 Mini Safety Cutter is not ideal for cardboard due to the length of its blade which has a cutting depth of 2.0mm. Therefore the Slice 00200 will only cut materials with a thickness of 2.00mm or below.

This tool works well for cutting the tape off cardboard, however cutting through the cardboard we suggest using the Slice 10503 Box Cutter with a longer ceramic blade suitable for heavy duty cutting requirements. 

The blade on the Slice 00200 is not replaceable but will last up to 10x longer than stainless steel blades. For household use, arts and crafts, and light duty industrial work we have found the blade to last 6 to 12 months before the blade dulls. 


Where can I buy a Slice 00200 Mini Safety Cutter?

At you can purchase a Slice 00200 Mini Safety Cutter with fast shipping and no order minimum. Because our warehouse is fully stocked for large and small orders, we ship 98% of orders within two business days with the majority of orders shipped the same business day when ordered by 2 pm PST.