Pacific Handy Cutter S7 Safety Cutter – In Depth Review

The S7 Safety Cutter by Pacific Handy Cutter is one follow-up to the best selling safety cutter of all time and improves upon the best aspects of PHC’s product line. If you need a deep dive into this safety cutter, keep reading this detailed review.

If you’ve had to struggle opening boxes then get the best cutter you can. This ambidextrous s7 safety cutter is a highly functional box cutter that is packed with additional features such as a tape splitter, film cutter, and tool-free blade change.

S7 Safety Cutter with Holster

The Pacific Handy Cutter S7 Safety Cutter, 3-in-1 Self-Retracting Utility Knife is the ultimate multi-functional box cutter that is packed with safety features to keep your employees and product safe from mild cuts and serious lacerations. 

  • Innovative 3-in-1 Tool – You don’t just get a brilliantly designed utility knife, you also get an integrated fold-out film cutter and heavy duty bladeless tape splitter. No need to carry around multiple tools when you just need one for everything. The sturdy metal alloy tape splitter easily slices through reinforced fiber tape. And the film cutter can be used on plastic straps, plastic wrap and more. Whenever the film cutter gets dull simply exchange it with a replacement blade!
  • Robust Metal Guard – Stay safe and protected at work with a robust metal protective guard that keeps you safe without getting in the way of your work. The protective guard precisely guides the sharp cutting edge blade to protect yourself and your products. Don’t worry about cuts and tearing open products accidentally, the S7 maximizes your efficiency and safety while allowing you to execute on the perfect cut every time.
  • Easy Blade Change – Change the blade in seconds with no tools required. Easily access your five stored blades and swap out the old blade for a new one in seconds. Don’t be stuck on the job with a dull blade, get back in the action with your PHC S7 Safety Cutter.
  • Self-Retracting Safety – The safety activator extends the blade and metal guard in tandem for complete protection when cutting. The blade automatically retracts when not in use to protect the user and your products from damage.


Pacific Handy Cutter S7 Safety Cutter

Innovative 3-in-1 Self-Retracting Utility Knife

Excellent Box Cutter

I got this to replace an s8 I had and find it to be very sturdy. it cuts boxes exceptionally well but I still carry a film cutter for plastic wrap.

Robert P. – Nov 9, 2021

How do you change the blade on the S7 safety cutter?

The S7 Safety Cutter has a blade that can be changed in a flash without any tools necessary. The S7 uses standard utility knife blades and works perfectly with Pacific Handy Cutter SP017 Safety Blades.

  1. Open blade compartment by pressing down on tab as indicated on the back of knife: slide forward and then raise up.
  2. Remove USED blade and dispose of safely.
  3. Remove a NEW blade with thumb and index finger from storage compartment.
  4. Place NEW blade on slider by aligning the cut-outs of blade to the slide tabs.
  5. For left-hand use place sharp side of blade to the left and for right-hand use place sharp side of blade to the right.
  6. Rotate blade storage compartment down to close.
  7. Holding the blade storage compartment in place with either your thumb or index finger, push front of knife down on a hard surface to LOCK

What replacement blades does the S7 safety cutter use?

The s7 safety cutter fits standard utility knife blades but is designed to work perfectly with Pacific Handy Cutter SP017 Single-Notch Safety Point Blades. SP017 Safety Blades are manufactured in the United States and precision honed to maximize cutting intensity. 

Safety point blades reduce injury and can save companies thousands in the costs of laceration claims. For those who have never experienced the cutting power of an SP017 you will immediately notice the difference. 

Try Pacific Handy Cutter safety point blades as your replacement for the s7 safety cutter and take advantage of high quality carbon steel blades designed to maximize cutting power without sacrificing safety.



S7 Safety Cutter with Holster and Lanyard

Get the full kit! Includes S7 Safety Cutter, S7 Holster, and S7 Lanyard all for one low price!

What a deal!

Glad I found the compatible holster and lanyard…now I have no excuse for losing my knife.

Where can I buy an S7 Safety Cutter?

At SafetyCutters.net you can purchase an s7 safety cutter 3 in 1 utility knife from an authorized dealer who buys directly from the factory and passes those savings onto you. You may also read real customer reviews and take advantage of bulk discounts. At SafetyCutters.net – 98% of orders ship the same or next business day meaning you will receive your new s7 safety cutter as quick as humanly possible. We would teleport our safety cutters to you right now if we could.